Expanding Roses in Tropical Climates

Flowers are one of the most popular Flowers in the world due to their beauty and deep symbolism. It is said that there is a rose of every colour for every person, for every emotion. However , besides being popular for these admirable characteristics, roses are also well-known to be one of the more difficult flowers to grow. They need extremely specific conditions to look and remain at their best. Just one missing requirement and a healthy bush of roses can wither and (if not really remedied immediately) die.

Roses thrive best in temperate countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Quotes, to name a few. In other words, roses choose mild climates that are not very vulnerable to extreme changes in seasons or temperature. They can’t stand it if it’s too hot or too cold, in fact it is only in temperate zones that will roses grow most naturally.

Tropical countries, on the other hand, have high temperatures and humidity or moisture content material in the air. Examples of tropical countries are the Philippines, Indonesia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile and Argentina, to name a few. There are only two seasons: dry, once the temperature reaches record levels throughout the summer months and wet, when typhoons make their seasonal rounds with heavy rain and thunderstorms.

Provided these conditions present in tropical nations, it is no wonder that growing flowers have become a tough challenge. Roses are usually sensitive plants—too much or not enough can kill them quite easily. How do rose growers in tropical environments manage to grow them then? Developing roses the natural way requires a lot of manpower and constant attention. The rose grower/s must be on guard all the time to shade the bushes when it becomes too hot, to cover them when it’s raining and to have the pesticide always on hand.

In the Philippines, growing roses are better managed within colder localities such as Tagaytay and Baguio, where temperatures are milder than usual. The environment of this kind of places in the Philippines is similar to temperate climate. Thus, the quality of roses produced is markedly better than its counterparts.

Rose growers in tropical nations also use greenhouses in order to develop their roses. In greenhouses, the environment can easily be controlled, thus resulting to less damage on the rose crop plus less manpower. The rose grower need not worry about sudden changes in the climate since the flowers are encased inside a glass house, protected from unwanted pests and excessive rain and heat.

With the help of technology and human genius, roses are now grown all over the world with more ease. Indeed, they have become more wonderful than ever as eternal symbols of love and peace
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