The best way to Learn Spanish Listening To Music

One of the ways that you can learn Spanish is simply by listening to music (i. e. listening to Latin Music). A great deal of the Spanish that I know I learned through listening to music. In this article, I will reveal to you some of the observations that I made regarding the “música” that I heard played during my most recent trip to “la República Dominicana” (Dominican Republic). I will also provide you with some tips on how you can learn Spanish by listening to music.

I noticed a lot of the same “música” in “la República Dominicana” that I hear performed in Colombia, including, salsa, merengue and reggeatón. The major differences are usually that I heard a lot more merengue songs in “la República Dominicana” than I hear in Medellín. That doesn’t surprise me since merengue music originates from “la República Dominicana. ”

But I did NOT hear any “Ranchera” music in “la República Dominicana. ” “Ranchera” is Mexican music that is often associated with mariachi groups. But Ranchera music will be hugely popular in Medellín. It’s as if the Paisas have followed Ranchera music as their own.

The only real other observation that I made about the “música” of “la República Dominicana” is that I heard a lot more bachata music than I hear in Medellín. That also doesn’t surprise me since “la República Dominicana” is the home of bachata songs. Here is more information regarding mariachis en cali check out the web-site.

Bachata music is guitar dependent music with romantic “letras” (lyrics) often involving tales of heartbreak and sadness.

Bachata happens to be my favorite class of music. For listening as well as dancing. So I truly loved “la música” of “la República Dominicana. ” By the way, if you want to increase your Spanish by listening to music, then I highly recommend listening to bachata music.

The world’s most popular bachata groupis a group called “Aventura. ” You can find their music on Itunes or Amazon. com

I know that most my visitors and subscribers to my newsletter are not interested in my last and last observation that I made about D. R. But I have to cover this because if I don’t, I will receive 5 or 6 emails from male readers with the same question.

And that query is:

Which of the two nations has the most attractive Latinas?

Naturally , the “repuesta” (answer) is a matter of personal choice in “mujeres” (women). But if you leave the choice as much as me, I have to say “las colombianas, ” especially “las paisas” win hands down.

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