Currency Pairs for Trading

The foreign exchange market is one of the biggest markets in the world.

It is functional 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Before entering the world of Forex plus becoming a trader, it is important that you find out all there is to know about currency sets. In this article, we discuss the facets of currencies and pairs as well as the main pairs and correlations.

Trading foreign currency pairs is very popular in the Forex market. Forex trading involves the simultaneous purchasing of one currency and selling associated with another. A currency pair is recognized as an instrument that is bought or sold.

By buying a currency pair, this means you are buying the “base” currency plus selling the “quote” currency. The “base” currency represents the first currency stated in a currency pair while the “quote” currency represents the second currency. On the other hand, when you sell the currency pair, this means you are selling the particular “base” currency and receiving the “quote” currency.

Every currency pair has an exchange rate with a “bid” plus “ask” price. The “bid” price is the rate that the broker will probably pay for the currency pair while the “ask” price is the rate that the broker will sell the currency pair.

It’s essential that all traders find out which currency pairs are exchanged most often. Actively traded Forex foreign currencies are referred to as “majors”.

These are one of the most frequently traded majors in the world. They include:

᾿ Euro (EUR)

᾿ US Dollar (USD)

᾿ Western Yen (JPY)

᾿ Great British Pound (GBP)

᾿ Australian Dollar (AUD)

᾿ Swiss Franc (CHF)

Every currency has its distinctive symbol and nickname.
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These icons and nicknames help traders understand exactly which currency they are trading when it comes to a bid/ask quote. Below is a table that represents the symbol, country and nickname for a few currencies:

Currency Symbol Nickname Country

Australian Dollar AUD Aussie Quotes

Canadian Dollar CAD Loonie Canada

Swiss Franc CHF Swissy Swiss

Euro EUR Euro Eurozone

Great British Pound GBP Cable Great Britain

Japanese Yen JPY Yen Japan

New Zealand Dollar NZD Kiwi New Zealand

US Dollar USD Buck United States

Major Forex sets refer to major currencies that are combined with the USD. For instance, if the Excellent British Pound is paired using the USD, the quote automatically becomes a major pair. This therefore clarifies that the US Dollar is indeed probably the most stable, reliable and therefore popular foreign currency in the world.

For a very long time, the USD has been the most popular currency to business and most currencies are paired with the dollar for this reason.

One of the most popular pairs to trade is the US Money and the Euro. It is the most water currency pair and it offers really low bid-ask spreads. This pair is also rather volatile which is an additional advantage for traders as it gives them an opportunity to capitalize and make money from any unexpected changes.

Another popular currency to trade in the Forex market is the US Dollar and Japanese Yen. The relations between the US and the China have made this pair quite rewarding because of the slight volatility. The Dollar/Yen currency major is considerably versatile, making it one of the best currency majors to rely on.

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