Sports activity Cocktail Diamond Rings to Get Snap Attention

Beverage rings were once famous amongst people involved in illegal activities throughout the prohibition period in the United States of America. The rings were studded along with precious stones including diamonds, rubies and sapphires and were large in size to symbolize power plus wealth. Since these diamond rings were often witnessed at Drink parties, they started to be known as Drink rings. Also called as dinner or cluster rings, the fame of these rings have not diminished till day. Hence, these rings are prevalently seen in party circuits and formal events attended by affluent individuals even now. Award ceremonies, theater productions and film premieres are some from the typical events where you see rich people or celebrities flashing these rings.

At first Cocktail diamond rings had a big diamond surrounded simply by small diamonds or other important stones. To make it more affordable for people associated with strata or class, these rings are created using semi-precious stones along with or without diamonds, without comprising on the size and appearance. Cubic Zirconia, Amethyst, Aquamarine and Citrine are some from the famous semi-precious stones that find an important place in the making associated with Cocktail rings. Since the main goal is to catch the attention of the onlookers, the rings are very elaborate and showy. No wonder, these rings are now part and parcel of the fashion market.

There are Cocktail diamond rings intended for both men and women in various colors, styles and sizes. It can be worn on any finger of your choice but most usually avoided wearing on the finger intended for wedding rings. Women find it very easy to jazz up their appearance instantaneously by wearing these rings.
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Let us look at some of the famous Cocktail diamond rings and their features to understand them much better. Triumph Tri-Tone rings’ is one among them that are created to look fashionable in which a diamond studded band made from increased gold is connected to two round-shaped plates made from white and platnium material.

The ‘Duo-tone Triumph ring’ is slightly different from the above mentioned kind. These diamond rings features 2 spheres that are asymmetrical in shape. The larger sphere is studded with almost 200 precious stones (diamonds) as the smaller one is created to look ordinary yet shiny, to make the design interesting. Circle rings feature a large gemstone in the centre surrounded by small-sized diamond jewelry in the form of concentric circles. This particular ring goes well with formal plus traditional dresses. Triumph diamond band is another wonderful piece that resembles a royal crown. This ring is created from white gold with a purity of 18 karats so the diamonds on the ring emit optimum brilliance. When you are about to buy diamond ring from online stores, you will come across more types than the ones mentioned above.

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