Actions for Obtaining Cash for Structured Settlement

Obtaining cash for structured settlement annuities is a complex matter. While this option can be appealing to those in need of lump sum cash, it may not be the best monetary solution. Selling future annuity obligations is prohibited in many states, so Annuitants must first determine if their own state of residence allows the sale.

To obtain cash for structured settlement payments, Annuitants must find a reputable funding source. These might include private investors, investment groupings, annuity brokers, or cash advance companies. The key to success is wisely choosing the funding source.

Take time to thoroughly investigate anyone claiming to purchase annuity payments. Use the Internet to obtain background information, company reviews and recommendations. Arrange a meeting and ask plenty of queries.

When Annuitants sell annuity obligations they assign payment rights to the funding source. Annuitants can elect to sell settlements in whole or component. The majority of states which allow the sale of future annuity payments require Annuitants to obtain court authorization. Courts rarely allow Annuitants to sell their whole settlement.

Structured settlements are used to supply monetary awards to individuals who have already been seriously injured. They are also used to payout jackpot lottery winnings.
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Annuitants which receive payments as injury settlement typically require funds to pay continuous medical expenses or to ensure their standard of living remains the same as before they sustained injury. In order to sell organized settlement payments Annuitants must provide compelling evidence as to how the purchase will enhance their life.

In addition to acquiring court authorization, Annuitants must also get approval from the life insurance company which usually guarantees future payments. Most companies frown on this type of transaction because it demands specific documents to be filed along with monitoring payment schedules.

It is recommended to do business with a structured settlement attorney who can submit required documents, plead the case within court, and obtain authorization from life insurance companies. Lawyers who specialize in this field may also be able to refer professional annuity brokers who can help customers obtain the best price. Funding resources charge fees when providing money for structured settlements. Annuitants rarely receive full face value because of market fluctuations.

Annuitants should be ready to provide specific information regarding their settlement to the funding source. Many require contact information for the insurance coverage company which guarantees annuity obligations, along with dates and payment amounts of future annuities.

Annuitants should also figure out the exact amount of funds required. People often want cash for structured settlement annuities to payoff excellent debts, medical expenses, or schooling costs, as well as for starting or expanding a business. Others require funds with regard to investment purposes.

A proposal is definitely submitted to funding sources that review the structured settlement to determine current market value. An offer is displayed and if the Annuitant accepts, a contract is executed. The contract is submitted to court for acceptance. After receiving court approval, funding sources complete the transaction plus transfer funds to Annuitants.

The average timeframe for completion is in between 6 and 8 weeks. Annuitants need to fully understand the risks and fees connected with selling structured settlements prior to signing contracts.

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