How to Call Citizenship and Immigration Europe and Actually Talk to Someone!

A few weeks ago I had a few immigration related questions. I stared out by visiting the Citizenship and Immigration North america (CIC) website but I’m sure when you’ve visited it you know how tough it is to find anything there. I then searched the web and looked via many sites. I still didn’t find what I was looking for.
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I figured I would have to talk to CIC. I would just give all of them a call. How hard can that will be? It turns out its a lot more tough than I could have ever imagined. Like many government organizations plus businesses CIC has an automated responding to system that passes you on from one menu to another. I thought eventually I would be given an option approach someone. I tried the good older “press zero at any time to talk to an operator”. Whenever I did, I was informed it was not an option.

Eventually I got to a point where I could push zero to talk to someone. I was excited for a few seconds until I got an automated message telling me that every the lines are busy and to call again later. You can imagine how frustrating this was. Whenever I contact any other organization or business I am just usually put on hold until I really could talk to someone. How could they will not have a “hold” system?

It was the same cycle over and over again every time I actually called. What can you do? I invest approximate 15-20 minutes going from one menu to another to reach a dead end.

That’s when it hit me!

The solution is simple, just call them one time to know what options you should dial to get to an operator. Jot them down. Then after calling, as soon as you have the menu you just dial the option while not having to hear the options. Eventually you get to the particular message telling you to call once again later. The only difference is that it required 1 minute to get there.

Eventually after doing this several times I halted getting the “call us again later” message and instead I was put on hold. Then I got to talk to somebody. Success at last! I guess the biggest frustration was that my question took less than a minute to answer. Nevertheless I got an answer.

It turns out they do have a “hold” system in place. Its just that they have so many phone calls that the queue gets filled and they have to tell you to contact later. I have no idea how many calls can be put on hold but it seems they could invest in a larger capacity system.

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