Great Food Good Health – Good Liver Health With Regular Bowel Movement

I understand it is not a subject we like to discuss, but do you know that being regular since clockwork – having a bowel motion – or going to the loo, day-to-day ablutions whatever you like to call it is really important for liver cleansing.

It is not the something we are likely to talk about over coffee or when chatting in the phone to friends, but it really is definitely an essential function and I cannot strain this too much.

If we do not have normal bowel movements to remove the waste materials from our body problems can occur. Not going daily has recently been linked with liver problems and bowel cancer.

The time we are most likely to think about the bowel movement is if we have constipation, and if this is a regular occurrence you need to notify your doctor and really take a good look at your diet.

If we take care and eat a different diet of good food for good into the drink plenty of fluids we should not need too many problems. Obviously taking some forms of medication can have a bearing about this.
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What one person calls being ‘regular as clockwork’ is not necessarily the same for every one; some people go even more that once a day, some say every other day is normal for them. But it is not important whether you are male of female heading at least once a day is vital for good health, makes your body work more effectively leaving behind us feeling good.

Did you know that our hormones are made in the liver, each testosterone and oestrogen, – that have a lot to do with the ‘feel good factor’ as well as the important functions that they play every day.

These human hormones are then broken down by the liver organ and excreted through the gut because stools. Your body keeps producing brand-new fresh and bouncy hormones on a regular basis.

Problems can arise if you are not visiting the loo daily to get rid of these human hormones as they become reabsorbed, going throughout your system again and stimulating body hormone sensitive areas of your body.

Oestrogen surplus is what this is known to be in ladies and can stimulate development of period problems, fibroids and breast lumpiness.

For guys, testosterone excess can mean their prostrate may become enlarged and inflamed.

Teenagers who have to many hormones floating around their bodies often have far more spots.

So to avoid having excess hormone problems is actually easy, we just need to eat a great diet of good food making sure we have enough fibre and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to keep our digestive system and tract on track, ensuring a proper bowel movement is performed daily.

Remember to drink the necessary amounts of fluid which our body needs daily as this does indeed have a bearing on bowel performance. With a lack of fluid the bar stools become too firm and this can result in other problems, not just constipation.

Research have shown that 40% of the British population drink far less than the required 1 . 8 litres daily. This certainly does not have to be just drinking water, but can be attained from most drinks including tea and coffee as well as juices. Alcohol should not be included in the daily amount.

In some eastern areas stools are still used for diagnostic exams to show the health of liver function. And the west some complimentary health practices offer similar tests.

As you know our motto is ‘good meals for good health’ and we believe that keeping your well being through a varied nutritional diet should be everybody’s goal- what you eat affects your health after all.

How well you eat impacts how well your liver works and also how regular waste products are usually removed from your system, therefore it is essential to eat good food to support your liver organ, as good nutrition helps form new liver cells and can help reconstruct some damaged cells enabling a healthy body.

So eating good food permanently health really is ‘the way to go’ please excuse the pun, it is our motto and should be your own to make sure your bowels work regularly.

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