Suggestions to Remember When Modifiying Your Pickup Truck

We are a fan of two things in the world: eliminate metal music and my Ford F-150. In the evenings you can find me personally in some dive, watching some metal act and headbanging with my waist long blonde hair. During the day, I’ll be found in my garage working on MetalBeast (my truck), adding efficiency parts and trying to make the girl look as menacing as possible. ‘

There are a large number of modifications you could make to a stock truck.

These include:

Raise Kits

Performance Chips

New Exhausts

Chrome Accessories

Wheel Covers

as well as the list goes on and on.

Many people are usually uncertain of where to start when they desire to begin the modification process.

The best things to remember are to

1) Take it slow – some people alter everything at once rather than take finding the time to research each individual component

2) Seek the advice of experts. This means not just consulting your local mechanic or even body shop–after all, they may come with an agenda, and wish to sell you products from companies they have contracts with. The best and most honest supply comes from the various truck forums which have cropped up over the years. These are filled with accurate enthusiasts who are willing to share just about all they know.

3) Auction websites – often parts can be found on auction sites for a fraction of the cost of buying them at the list cost.

4) Having an expert perform the install – You may think that you’re a specialist and can handle any modifications that will arise.
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But before you take your pickup truck apart and realize that you’re unable to put it back together, it would be a good idea to consider getting some outside help

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