The Advantages of Moveable Partitioning Systems

Advances in technology have significantly enhanced the long term viability of installing a moveable partitioning system.

Whether it is a school, commercial building, leisure service or hospital being developed, with land in the UK at a premium, all of properties must be designed to maximise the use of available space. Moveable partitioning software has been available for many years but it is just with relatively recent advances in design that they have offered a long term alternative that delivers on all methodologies – acoustic privacy, aesthetics, durability and usage.
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Custom power raise partitions

Perhaps one of the most important improvements has to be innovative Custom power raise Partitions. These totally unique flip partitions store in the ceiling cavity, automatically lowering to the floor in the touch of a button. Hundreds of power lift partitions have been built in the UK to date, delivering a solution that has several benefits over other systems. In addition to making it possible for one person to reconfigure a room in a matter of moments using the simple turnkey operation, along with careful installation power lift partitioning can deliver superior acoustic overall performance, almost entirely eliminating the problem of flanking – where sound passes over the top, around or under the major partition. Another obvious benefit of this type of system is that no valuable ground and wall space is required to store the dividing panels when not in use, making the best use of any room at all times.

Installed in a number of high profile commercial structures in London, including the headquarters for Gensler, Moody’s in Canary Wharf plus Henderson Global Investors the benefits of energy lift partitions are now being recognised with a wider audience. Underutilised spaces like a large school hall can be quickly partitioned to dramatically increase utilization as demonstrated by the successful installation of a 15m long power raise partition at a special needs school in Southwark. Similarly, the functionality area of the new Melton Borough Council office building benefits from two power raise partitions, allowing conferences, meetings plus training events to be scheduled alongside each other.

Slopes and steps

Making use of power lift partitions is now simpler to divide a room with a stepped or even sloped floor such as a lecture hall or theatre. As it is lowered from your ceiling the bottom edges of partition panels can be custom designed to properly match the floor below making it a real possibility to hold a conference on one side of a stepped hall whilst a music rehearsal occurs on the various other.

A perfect fit

A traditional horizontal, slipping partition is first manually moved into place before a hand crank can be used to expand seals around the sides of each panel. The effectiveness of the system to provide a firm, temporary wall that offers good acoustics relies entirely on the person operating the crank, leading to prospect of human error due to lack of strength or care and attention.

Delivering an infinitely more effectively solution, semi-automatic dividing systems ensure a solid fixing is made and maximum acoustic performance delivered every time. As each lightweight -panel is manual moved effortlessly directly into place the automatic expansion of robust rubber seals is initialised. Pressure-sensitive, the seals expand along just about all edges of the partition to exactly the required level, creating a strong dividing walls that offers an impressive acoustic barrier.

Pay attention carefully

To be truly effective any kind of moveable partition has to provide a good acoustic barrier, allowing privacy in order to users on both sides of the walls. With the development of technologically advanced components moveable partitions deliver better acoustic performance than ever before, whilst remaining light and easy to manoeuvre.

Some strength lift partition panels for example are usually constructed from a revolutionary sealed composite materials comprising of a light, sturdy outershell with special micro-perforated surface by having an acoustic core that ensures excellent sound absorption and insulation of up to 55dB Rw.

When specifying the partitioning system it is important to compare as with like, to ensure an appropriate level of privacy is achieved. The R’w overall performance of a partition refers to the ‘in-situ’ acoustic rating and takes into account flanking (where sound passes over the top, close to or under the primary partition). This is different to a product’s laboratory examined Rw rating, which is more appropriate as a comparison tool but not always an indicator of the final functionality you can expect in a particular location.

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