Windproof & Waterproof Fleece Jackets For Staff Uniform

Fleece Jackets make a practical item associated with Staff Uniform but what if your own staff need something better, like a Windproof or Waterproof Fleece?

Fleeces are comfortable, smart and easy to care for and have become a standard item of apparel for many companies yet those staff who spend most of their time outside often need a higher specification of garment.

Proceed Technical
Many modern Fleeces are usually coated in a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish that encourages drinking water to form beads and run off the garment but whilst a normal Fleece Jacket will offer some protection from a mild drizzle, it is not intended to be windproof or offer protection from more chronic rain. So for staff that spend the bulk of their time outdoors or work in harsh environments, greater protection can be offered by a ‘Technical Fleece’.

Technical Fleece Jackets encompass a range of garments that offer improved person protection and comfort through the use of advanced fabrics and multi-layer construction and once again the technological innovations in these clothing have trickled down from advancements in the extreme sports and alpinism sectors.

Some manufacturers have developed fleece fabrics that are more blowing wind or water resistant than their conventional counterparts. Others have created Fleece jacket Jackets with a two layer building that incorporates a separate Windproof & Waterproof membrane, known as a ‘Drop Liner’ behind the outer fleece. The outer layer of fleece remains not completely waterproof but the fall liner prevents water and wind from getting through to the wearers pores and skin.
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Breathe Easy
Speaking of skin: Such as all human activity, physical exertion consumes energy, creates heat and encourages our body to perspire in order to manage our core temperature. This process associated with evapourative cooling is a wonderful design, functions extremely well, right up to the point where all of us cover our epidermis in another windproof & waterproof layer — at which point our body can no longer functionality in the way it was designed to and we usually end up feeling wet, sticky plus pretty hot under the collar: not a great way to feel at work.

A breathable drop liner is a stage forwards but for true wearer convenience a Technical Fleece Jacket must have a windproof & waterproof membrane bonded directly to the outer fleece along with a ‘wicking’ inner layer. The direct link between each coating helps perspiration to be carried away from your skin, through the membrane to the outer layer. This system allows the users body to perspire normally plus function at a comfortable temperature, whilst at the same time preventing cold rain plus wind from penetrating the membrane.

Fleeces which include such technology and so are intended for corporate use often have exclusive access for embroidery, to prevent harm to the membrane and your supplier can advise which parts of the garment can be embroidered.

There are a range of Windproof & Waterproof Fleece Jackets which are now available for corporate use so that as usage has increased, prices have reduced considerably.

In my next article, Softshell Jackets for Staff Uniform, Soon we will be explaining the benefits of the Softshell material in a working environment and wondering, is this garment an alternative to a Technical Fleece?

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