The Inevitable Information That Every Cigarette Smoker Must Know!

Every single cigarette smoker should know that the cigarette he/she is smoking is a natural chemical substance specifically manufactured to destroy its user. He/she needs to know that it is really an indestructible combination of dangerous chemicals that…

* Is extremely addictive when smoked. The more you smoke the more a person crave for it.

* Can medications smokers to die young. This has been proved physically, scientifically plus otherwise.

* Is extremely addictive whenever chewed. There is some difference within cigarette addiction when it is chewed from its addiction when it is smoked.

* Leads to addiction as permanent as addiction to alcohol. An alcoholic and a cigarette smoker-addict are in the same category.

* Is not really medicine and its use not therapy. There is nothing to be gained either medicinally or therapeutically in cigarette smoking. The effect, physically, spiritually or medically can be purely negative.

* Prevents pre-cancerous cells from dying by encouraging its multiplicative growth. The environment developed by cigarette smoking inside the body is a very favourable one for the continuous growth from the pre-cancerous tumour in human body tissue.

* Proves so hard to quit than its counterpart drugs: heroin plus cocaine. (What makes this die-hard routine possible is that cigarette smoking is freely acceptable in the society, usually noticed and bought over-the-counter (OTC) whilst other drugs are used hidden. Cig is extremely cheaper than any other medicines and can be bought without the legislation slamming down on you. )

2. Sometimes damages the brain and as a result impacts the memory. Yeah, this is real since it is like smoking fresh seafood over a smoking coal fire.

* Contributes to artery hardening as a result of the accumulated smoke passing through the artery.
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* Is ineffective as a stand-alone quitting aid.

* Accelerates most cancers growth rates through the cancer-causing chemicals in the nicotine.

* Likely leads to brain damage and depression which could eventually leads to the death from the brain of the addict.

* Has a metabolite which may cause cancer. In each aspect, the overall outcome of cigarette smoking will be cancer in different form.

* Eliminates 50% of adult smokers 13-14 years earlier than their expected yr of demise.

* Is straight linked to lung cancer. This is inescapable for all cigarette smokers, either youthful or old. Lung cancer is a direct product of cigarette smoking.

* Can also be a fetus destroying teratogen. Ladies who smoke especially when they are expectant stand a very high risk of having miscarriage.

* Is beat by by no means taking another puff or chew up! This is the only way to stop cig addiction. Don’t take the next one!

* A lot of cancer-causing chemicals amassing 81.

* Contains additional more than four thousands (4, 000) additional chemicals in every single puff of cigarette smoke inhales by a cigarette smoker which usually aids the destruction of the human body of the smoker.

* Additionally consists of nearly seven hundred (700) tobacco firm flavor and engineering additives in most single puff of cigarette smoke which goes into the body system of the smoker and works hand-in-hand with the other chemicals above in sealing the particular fate of the cigarette smoker.

It should be mentioned that “Rome was not built in a day”. All this destruction is not achieved within a day, week or 30 days or even a year. It is the accumulation of those chemical in their minute unseen form that becomes the indestructible demise causing cancer and some other health problem within the body system of the smoker.

The average smoker, who smoke 20-60 smokes in a day, injures not only himself or even herself but his/her non-smoking buddies, neighbours and acquaintances by polluting their lifestyle in having a better share of this chemical-filled smokes. Therefore, he not only harm himself yet other people who are non-smokers. For every cigarette puff inhaled by a smoker, his non-smoker friends, neighbours and acquaintances are also being punished by your pet.

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