Cheated By an Online Casino?

When the worst happens and you get ripped off by an online casino what do you do? To begin with, contact the online casino operator on their own. It may have been an honest mistake or perhaps a flaw in their system and they could be only too grateful to hear from you so they can fix the problem so it doesn’t take place again. If this is the case then they should reimburse you any money dropped and they might even give you a bonus like a gesture of good will.

If they may and they truly are a rogue casino out to rip off their customers then there are several watchdog organisation set up to help people who have had a bad experience of online gambling. It is in the interests of the online gambling industry generally to look after all their customers and prospective customers. A little bad publicity can go together way in the gambling industry.

On the internet Players Association

The Online Players Association (OPA) is a watchdog group that will also endorses online casinos, on the internet gaming and online gambling websites. They ensure that sites they recommend are reputable and honest. Additionally they mediate disputes between customers and the sites they endorse so that on the internet gamblers can play in safety. The Online Players Association was formed in 2000 and has so far recouped over $100, 000 in winnings plus deposits from online casinos along with other online gambling sites.
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Online Gaming Council

The Interactive Video gaming Council was formed in 1999 and it is an industry organisation comprised of online gambling sites, online gambling portals, online casinos and any other business involved with internet gambling. One of their main purposes is to set standards that will members must adhere to. Their Seal of Approval system assures that members support the IGC’s etchical standards as well as helps players resolve disputes by acting as a mediator between them and the online gambling company.
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Away from Shore Gaming Association

The Off Shore Gaming Association is a checking watchdog group that keeps a watch on the off shore gaming market. They maintain a list of reputable on-line casinos.
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Internet Gaming Commission payment

The Internet Gaming Commission, not to end up being confused with the Interactive Gaming Authorities who share the same acronym, can also be a watchdog group that screens online gambling sites like the on the web casinos. They also maintain an entire body of information about safe online betting sites and have a dispute resolution department to mediate disputes in between gamblers and online casinos.

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