Curly hair Care Products – The Basics

All of us spend thousands of pounds on hair care products, hundreds on hairdressers but when it comes down to basics, nearly all of us are usually guilty of sinning against our tresses.

These are the deadly sins that people commit to our hair on a regular, if not daily, basis and the know-how of becoming an angelic angel rather than devious devil when it comes to looking after your own locks.

Gluttony – over indulge if you dare!

We’ve all accomplished it – piled on the tresses care products, whether it is serum, hairspray or mousse, and then used a curly hair dryer or straighteners to finish the look. Over styling can lead to dry, broken hair and wet products may coat the hair shaft with gunk, making the end result a greasy clutter. Instead, avoid over styling by using our philosophy that less is certainly more, and it is always better to make use of hair care products specifically suited to nice hair type. Vidal Sassoon’s Hair Hydration range is kinder to your tresses as it uses revolutionary ionic technology to style hair without drying it out, so you can use them morning, noon and night.

The Vidal Sassoon angel says: go easy on the product!

Sloth – the devil makes work for idle hands!

In case your idea of looking after your new hair colour is to use just any hair maintenance systems, then you could unknowingly be damaging nice hair and limiting your new colour. Hair, just like skin, needs moisturizing plus pampering and hair colouring needs protecting. So don’t be lazy plus treat those locks with a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week. Make use of the Toni&Guy Tourmaline colour lock tools to really look after your colour so that it oozes healthiness and shine, making you look and feel great inside and out. Here is more information on sin hair stop by our own web page.

The Toni&Guy angel says: take the time use colour lock tourmaline locks tools!

Lust – a little bit of that which you fancy does you good!

In case you are the sort of person that looks by means of magazines and lusts over the fantastic hairstyles of the rich and well-known, then lust no more! Hairdryers, hair straighteners and stylers have been transformed over recent years so that anyone can recreate those celebrity hairdos. For example , if you value Christina Aguilera’s curly look after that Vidal Sassoon has the answer with the latest Hot Tool rollers – they can’t promise to give you the money or the fame that Christina has, however they can certainly give you the hairstyle!

The Vidal Sassoon angel says: let others lust after you!

Anger – avoid look back!

So , your getting ready for a big night out and you are having a bad hair day – aaaggghh! Your hair just won’t do what you would like it to and you can feel the anger and frustration starting to build up. If things are getting badly, calm yourself down, get things slowly and work with your hair not against it. If you want to put on your hair down but things not necessarily going your way, try putting it up into a casual low-slung ponytail and add a few ringlets to body your face using the brilliant Ribbon Curls from Vidal Sassoon.

The Vidal Sassoon angel says: turn on, pay attention and go out!

Pride – without having prejudice!

When it comes to your hair, it is always important to remember not to be too proud to take the advice of friends and hair stylists – they might see things you don’t! If you have spent years straightening your hair and your hair stylist suggests a change, why not try it! To get the best drying power around, try Toni&Guy’s Joy Stick control dryer that provides you the ultimate in controlled styling with 7 heat and acceleration settings.

The Toni&Guy angel says: take pride in your appearance!

Envy – don’t be that little green-eyed creature!

Have you got a best friend that always comes with an up-to the minute ‘do’, whether it is curls one week or a blunt fringe the next? Well now it’s your switch! With all those appliances and items out there, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be the particular height of fashion either. Be it the straight look you are right after or big bouncy curls, one has no excuse so get design now!

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