Logo Design Prices – Cost Comparison of Five Options

Simply how much should a logo design cost? The best answer to this popular question will be anywhere from nothing up to hundreds of thousands associated with dollars.

To say that ‘you have what you pay for’ would be accurate most of the time but not all of the time. If you are not handling trusted professionals then logo design can be ‘hit and miss’. There are many conditions where businesses have spent lots of money and received poor designs plus cases where companies have spent only a little and ended up with wonderful results.

The Internet has made the process of having a logo design easier and more affordable previously. Many logo design firms have satz up on the Internet and by using the Internet like a platform to do business have been able to decrease overheads and still offer a quality assistance.

In this article we explain how value should not be such a priority when it comes to acquiring a logo and then we look at the rates for some of the various options.

The Importance of Cost

Price is often the first thing that people give thought to when looking at various options for logo design. It is great to get a good deal with a low-priced logo design and to try and save a bit of money but stop and imagine for a moment about how important the logo design is to your company.

With your brand being on your stationery, website, making signage, advertising and even on automobiles it is often the first aspect of your company of which customers come into contact with. Within a few seconds customers will subconsciously examine your brand and create their first impressions of your business. These first few seconds are very crucial in conveying the right message for them and the quality of your company logo can in some cases help to determine whether you get those customers or they go to the competition.

Your own personal logo is an integral part of your own personal organizations marketing plan and a fair amount of the company’s budget should be allotted to it just as a healthy budget is usually allocated to other marketing activities.

Shelling out $300 on a Logo may seem like a lot but if you spread the cost out and about over a period of say 10 years it only calculates to a few dollars a month (a bit compared to a monthly marketing budget that may run into hundreds or thousands of dollars).

With the thoughts in mind it becomes clear of which maybe price shouldn’t be the main focus if shopping around for a logo provider.

Therefore let’s examine some of the options available to your account when it comes to getting a logo, starting from the cheapest price range and finishing at the greatest price range.

The Free Model

There are lots of ‘do it yourself’ logo design templates that are available online for prices that will range anywhere from free up to around $30 or $40. You can create a basic design with some clip-art or purchase a ‘ready to go’ template, customize title to suit your needs and you then have an prompt logo for your business.

Some companies give you the chance to browse through hundreds of generic designs suitable for various industries and then order one that can often be downloaded quickly.

The downside with these options is that many of the components that users can combine into their logo design such as shapes, signs and clip art are plagiarized and in use by many other corporations. Without any design experience users typically end up with amateurish looking logos and even just have to include a small credit on the logo referring to the site that was employed to create it.

You must also consider that you can not have ownership rights over the logo design as these rights may be saved by the website that sold you the design.

Logo Design Software

You can now invest in some quite sophisticated logo design program that can assist you in the creation of professional logos on your home PC. The downside is that the better software packages can be pricey, there is a bit of a learning curve in connection with using the software properly and these plans still require some artistic type on the part of the user. Why would you hassle really for only one or two logos or even a design professional?

Custom Creative logo

This option is the one that I recommend above all the others. By having a logo design tailor made by a graphic designer to suit your company’s needs you are reassured of getting an original, professional looking design that is certainly suitable to your requirements. Your logo developer does all the design work whilst you, as the customer still get a long input into the design process.
In case you have any concerns regarding where as well as the way to employ nice logodesign, you’ll be able to email us with the web-page.
Nearly all reputable custom logo design firms will assure that their work doesn’t infringe on the trademarks of other companies so that you can be guaranteed ownership rights in your logo.

Generally you can get a good quality tailor made logo design online for between $150 and $350 depending on the complexity of the package deal that you order (the number of preliminary concepts, the number of designers working on your current case and the number of revisions that are permitted).

Design Competitions

There are now several websites that allow you to hold a competition to your logo design. Firstly, you put up a new prize which usually has to be around three hundred dollars to $400 or more and an union for designers to understand the venture. Then, designers from around the world post their designs and you choose a victorious one who is awarded the prize funds (after the website deducts their commission).

This method can work well if your present you with a prize that is a considerable amount and you get a good response from designers. However you ought to first confirm with the website you will have ownership rights to the winning design and style that you select. This method, while a fascinating concept, usually ends up costing more when compared to a custom logo design though and offers more risk as well.

Traditional Design Companies

For larger companies with huge budgets, meeting with designers face to face to converse is still the preferred method. This is the priciest method though as it usually consists of several meetings and discussions together with designers at their offices. Price ranges for this kind of personalized service usually start at around $500 and with respect to the firm and the importance of the venture costs can be much more than that. The great thing about online design firms is that they can cut costs by avoiding coffees drinking sessions with clients and can also operate out of cheaper office space as an alternative to fancy design studios.

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