How to Get Your Business Listed in Google Maps

In case you have a local business, one thing you have to consider is how to advertise you business or pull the public’s attention to your own products or services. You may have spent 100s, or even thousands of dollars to get your company listed in as many directories as possible. Here is one solution that will save you money, time and effort.

Certainly you’ve heard of Google, but it’s much more than just a search engine. There is also an application called Google-maps that provides web mapping solutions. It allows your business to be listed and published so that it will be visible to the local community and even worldwide. Having a free listing makes it easy for people to discover your business using their personal computers or web-enabled mobile phones.

Use Google Places (Google. com/local/add/businessCenter) to produce your listing. Before starting out, you have to check your country availability as Google Places comes in certain countries only for businesses.
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This service is totally free of charge. All you need to have is a mailing address. Make sure that you only have one particular listing; however , if you provide many services, you can enumerate that in your business explanation and category. If you do not curently have a Google account, you’ll need to create one before including your business to Google Places.

If you want the public to locate a person, make sure you enter the correct information such as your business name making use of standard capitalization and punctuation, address and contact figures. You can then provide additional information together with your business email, website, explanation of the services you offer, operating hours as well as methods of payment that you accept. After verifying your listing, you can further enhance your page by adding photos, videos, reviews, special deals and latest updates.

Another cool feature of this software is that it allows you to embed your Google Map site into your business website using the Google-maps API. In addition , there is also a Java application called Google Maps regarding Mobile that enables people to find your business through their mobile phones.

Google Maps offers a great help for local businesses. Using this advanced technology, you will have the opportunity to connect with the people without going through the particular tiring efforts of conventional advertising. Unlike the Yp or other directory providers, Google Maps enables you to have a lot more friendly approach by sharing more than just the basic information. Furthermore, you can edit your list quickly & easily as well as the updated listing will appear inside Google’s search results fairly quickly. What more could you ask for? Google Maps enables you to provide real-time updates towards the public, increases your visibility, and is absolutely free!

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